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* - indicates an event in Berkshire, but not run by BJCA; see event details for how to enter
** - indicates external event outside Berkshire
Where available, online entry is available up to 6pm the night before the event.
Entry forms will specify a date by which entries must be received.
Jan, 2019 Sat, 19 * Berkshire squad training (Knights v Dragons)
  Date and venue tbc.

This event will be for all county squad members. Players will be divided into two teams for a number of practice games under match conditions. Players will be expected to record their moves and help will be on hand to go over your games.
Wed, 23 Under 11 Primary Schools Jamboree
Sat, 26 ** South of England Junior Chess Championships
(event runs from Sat, 26 to Sun, 27)   (Download Entry Form)
  Download entry form or enter online at
Feb, 2019 Sun, 03 Training Day    (Online Entry)
  For details, please see this season's Training Programme.
Sat, 09 SAE - Reading School    (Online Entry)   (Entry Form)
Sun, 10 Grandmaster Simultaneous    (Online Entry)   (Download Entry Form)
  In the simultaneous display, GM John Nunn will play up to 30 players at once, moving in sequence on the 30 boards. This is a great opportunity for young players to experience playing an international grandmaster.
Mar, 2019 Sat, 02 UK Chess Challenge Qualifier - St Nicholas, Hurst    (Online Entry)   (Entry Form)
Training Day
  For details, please see this season's Training Programme.
Sat, 09 Under 11 EPSCA Zone
Sat, 16 Under 9 EPSCA Zone
Sat, 23 Under 11 Girls EPSCA Final
Sat, 30 Under 11 EPSCA Final
Apr, 2019 Sat, 27 Under 9 EPSCA Final