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Berkshire Junior Chess

Saturday Afternoon Events

The format consists of a tournament of about 5 or 6 rounds played with clocks, which may sometimes be held in two sections for stronger and weaker players. There is a major and minor trophy at each event, and usually other small prizes for those who finish in the leading positions. The minor trophy will normally be for the highest placed player below a grading limit.

About half way through the tournament there is sometimes a break for a short training session such as a game demonstration. Since all games start at the same time but do not all finish at the same time, most players will get a break between each round.

This season's events are listed in the Calendar (or SAE only Calendar). Directions to the venues are available online - just follow the link to the host school for the particular SAE.

To enter, use the "Entry Form" link from the website Calendar or event details page. Send the form with entry fee as directed to arrive at least 3 days before the event, with cheques payable to "Berkshire Junior Chess Association". If your entry fails to arrive 3 days before the event, entries will be accepted on the day for a £10.00 fee. Alternatively, you may email the that you intend to enter, and then pay the £5.00 entry fee on the day. Please note that this method of entering may shortly be withdrawn.

Those entering on the day should arrive by 1:40 p.m., and all players should arrive by 1:50 p.m. Players arriving after these times may lose time on the clock, or may miss the first round.

Each tournament costs £4.00 to enter if you send your entry in advance (to arrive 3 days before the event - address on entry form), or £8.00 on the day. Entry is suspended ten minutes before the start of play at 2p.m. This allows time for the draw to be done and for an introductory talk for new players. If you arrive after this time you will have to accept reduced time for your first round match, a half point bye, or a zero point default at the discretion of the tournament controller.

These events are held throughout Berkshire at schools which have chess clubs. If there are other schools with chess clubs that would be willing to hold an event, please contact the .

Parental Responsibility: The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or accident during the event. Adult supervision will only be provided in the playing areas. Parents are responsible for their children during the event, and agree to the terms and conditions in this entry form as a condition of entry, and that a player's grading information may be published electronically.