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School Leagues

The BPSCA (Berkshire Primary Schools Chess Association) organises a league for primary school teams. There are currently 6 divisions, or leagues: two "A" leagues with schools from across Berkshire, and 4 "B" leagues with teams grouped on a geographical basis. Each league has between 4 and 6 teams, and each team plays 3 to 5 matches each year. A school team consists of 5 players.

Match results and league standings are published on this website (here). At the end of the season, there is a playoff between the winners of the two "A" leagues for the champions trophy. There are also playoff matches for the various "B" league winners to gain promotion as well as the "B" league trophy.

The BPSCA also organises an annual Under 11 Jamboree for school teams of 5 players. This season there will also be an Under 9 Jamboree in the spring.

For more information, contact the League Secretary, Brent Smith. (hey - that's me!)

The Secondary School Leagues have not been very active for a few years, but watch this space for possible developments!