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Any comments or suggestions?

Public Area
Home page
  • No changes planned.
  • Enable photos from multi-photo news articles to appear in photo gallery.
  • Work out what happened to "old" photos, which used to be connected to a "results" page. Move them to photo gallery / news item area.
  • Include link in newsletter to get people to set their user cookie. Perhaps add interest as well.
  • Add "views", same as for Calendar.
  • Allow for representative matches.
  • Consider more compact layout, and use of "Calendar" grid as an alternative display.
Event page
  • More entry details, including times and form where possible.
  • Display other school team events, e.g. EPSCA.
  • Limit summary to current and previous season in default mode.
  • empty entry form for SAE, so people can print out, and manually fill in event, names etc.
  • following on from above, I have started work on an "entry form wizard".
  • Add in user interest help text!
  • Put player and school interests on home page.