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Grandmaster Simultaneous - display and lecture Sunday, December 06
Chris Archer-Lock writes:

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Berkshire Junior Chess enjoyed a simultaneous display and lecture by Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic in the splendid surroundings of Eton College. The grandmaster took on 28 opponents, including 4 from Eton College, and a spectrum of Berkshire Junior age groups, scoring 30 points to Berkshire's 2 in an impressive display. Bogdan kindly played a second game against those who lost in the first hour, and the simultaneous made good use of the three hours available, encouraging the younger players to take time over their moves.

It was a challenge to play such a strong opponent, and particular credit is due to the players who avoided defeat. The juniors' only win came from an energetic game in the Slav Defence by Matthew Wadsworth, in which he saw early queenside pressure through to decisive effect. Dingyu Chen of Eton College played the longest game of the day to achieve a draw in the endgame, while Viktor Stoyanov achieved an impressive draw in a balanced game with a material imbalance arising in a Maroczy Bind structure.

Credit is due to the many younger Berkshire players who put up a good fight and played long games against their strong opponent, which will hopefully help them to further their chess skills.

The event ended with a demonstration by Bogdan Lalic of a game he won against one of the top players in the world, Alexei Shirov. This showed the depth of top level chess, and was a masterclass for players of the popular Sicilian Defence. Our thanks to Bogdan Lalic for providing this excellent experience, and to Eton College for such an excellent venue and their hospitality.

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