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2017 Oxford Girls Quadrangular Under 11 Sunday, October 29
Pradeep Rao writes:

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Team rooting, camaraderie, running around and of course playing chess was in great display by our U11 Berkshire girls team at Headington Prep School in Oxford on Sunday 29th Oct at a friendly four-county chess tournament between Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire & Warwickshire.

Three rounds of matches, with 8 players were planned for the day, with each team playing a round against the other teams.

The first round started at 10:00 am, with 8 Berkshire girls sitting in a row across Wiltshire. Ten minutes past the start time, Sushmitha walks out with a big smile - we had first winner of the day. Not all games were so quick though. At board 1 and 2, Yashaswini and Tanvi played their games till the last minute (literally!) and the result for the team was a tie 4 – 4. In the other match Warwickshire Vs Oxford ended up with 5 – 3.

After a nail biting first round, the girls were all prepped up for their second round against Warwickshire, who were at the top of the leader board. The girls played well with another tie result of 4 - 4. Interestingly, the game between Wiltshire Vs Oxfordshire was also a tie.

The announcement before the final round - Warwickshire in the lead, Wiltshire and Berkshire in the second position!

10 mins before the final round Berkshire girls were not to be found in the corridor, they were in a corner motivating one another, passing on tips etc to get that extra point… which was a treat to watch!

Third round against Oxfordshire also ended up being a tie with a result of 4-4.

So, at end of the day, 5 of 6 matches were tied, and Warwickshire turned out to be the winner of tournament with that extra win in the first round. Wiltshire and Berkshire both ended up with same match points 3 - 3 and game points 12 - 12 and on Board Count Tie Break (adding the board numbers that team won, and the lower total wins) in Head-to-Head match Berkshire was declared third (15 – 21).

All in all, it was fun, gripping and a great day for girls, and with heightened team spirit, increasing camaraderie, improving game plan we can conclude U11 girls best days are ahead of us!

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