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EPSCA Under 9 Final Saturday, April 24
Keith Tunstall writes:

Once again the Berkshire Junior Chess Under 9 Team came together virtually to compete in the (EPSCA) Association Team final that was hosted by Barnet Junior Chess on the lichess platform.

Unlike the Zone round which used the Battle Tournament format, the final was organized with a 5 Round Swiss Tournament for each board across all 14 competing teams. Each Tournament ran independently, so this added to the tension for anyone following the results in real time. Just like the traditional (over-the-board) Jamboree pairings, the overall team standings only really came to light when the final games had been completed.

When the dust settled Barnet had dropped just 10 points to score 50 points and romp away with first place. Essex and Kent in 2nd and 3rd place were some way back on 38 and 36½ points respectively. Positions 4 to 9 were separated by just 5 points with Berkshire being on the wrong end of that spread - in 9th place:

Place Team Name Total
1 Barnet 50
2 Essex 38
3 Kent 36½
4 Barnet 2 33½
5 Richmond 31½
6 Oxfordshire 31
7 Sussex 31
8 Buckinghamshire 29½
9 Berkshire 28½
10 Richmond 2 24
11 Wey Valley 19
12 Nottinghamshire 18
13 Hampshire
14 Wey Valley 2 5

If you want the individual player results, check out the results spreadsheet that Barnet maintained throughout the competition.

This sounds like a bad result, but far from it. Throughout the entire team and all the players in the Reserve competition, everyone scored points. On average, in the team competition we performed better than our lichess grades.

The reserves had a tougher time in their Swiss tournament. There were 54 players and on average we played stronger rated players. Our highest placed player (ndfootballkid) came 10th.

Considering the tough competition, we had one fabulous result. This was from our Board 11 (LoveSienna) who won every game they played to win their Tournament outright. Once again, proving that everyone in a team counts, as 5 points on Board 11 is as good as 5 points on any board. Well done LoveSienna.

A big thank you to everyone for making sure they were ready to go (I am sure parents had a hand in this) and for the players for staying focused on their games. Again, thanks to Barnet for organizing this online tournament and making it easy to take part.

The final of the (EPSCA) Association online finals this year, for the Under 11 team, is coming up on the 8th of May. Please keep an eye on your email inbox, as I will be inviting numerous players from the Under 9 team to represent the older age group too.

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