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Maiden Erlegh v. Wellington College, Under 15 Thursday, February 23
Zoheb Rahman writes:

After the wait for Wellington College, my team all of the sudden changed there attitude to Wellington's arrival, mainly as they were worried of not knowing the pure strength of the opposition. Once we all were seated, the rules were explained and black started whites clock. In the first fifteen minutes of the match I had a glace at my team members pieces and all the matches looked stable besides Adeeb's match where he was playing very fast and so was his opponent. After a few minutes I heard check mate and it was on board two. We had lost our first game.

The other team were doing strong good moves and our team was struggling to defend. In the next half an hour, two unbelievable draws happened on board three and four, Tom had looked like if he was beaten with his opponent closing him down with a queen and a rook, but he created a stalemate without him even knowing and smiles had came back to our team side. the other draw on board four was again unbelievable, Toheed had a king left on the board, and his opponent battled well to have a rook and king left, just one problem was that Matthew didn't know how to check mate with a king and rook, they both agreed to a draw. we were getting all the luck but the match score was still in there favour until on board five David had slowly been invading his opponents side and check mate had happened in a few moves after, the score was level as there was my match left and neither player was winning, I was just trying to get the draw, so I took his pawn what was on a6 with my black bishop what he took with his own bishop (Black pieces: Kh7, White pieces: Ba6,Kg5 and Pawn on h5. I placed my king on h8 knowing it was going to be a draw if I just kept moving my king from h8 to g8 and vice versa. After fifteen minutes of overlooking my opponent agreed to a draw.

On the day Wellington Collage were the superior team but with some luck we were able to gain a draw. I believe that this match gave a lot of experience to both teams even me! We enjoyed playing against Wellington College and will be looking forward to go to Eton College.

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