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Under 9 Trial Sunday, October 02
David Herring writes:

17 players tock part in last Sunday's team trial for the under 9's. The format was 6 rounds with 25 minutes per play. We started round 1 at 1:10pm, and started each subsequent round as soon as play in the last match had completed. This meant all matches by were completed by 5pm, whilst still encouraging slow thoughtful play.

There was some excellent chess played: young new players like Martyn Asser, Reece Chen and Joss Lazenby in their first Berkshire chess competition showed tremendous spirit. All of them earnt a point and gained a lot of playing experience during the afternoon. Harry Holt , Chloe Rogers and Andrew Poile all scored just below three points. Chloe did particularly well during one match to come back a near scholar's checkmate and go on to win the game: it's important to know those early opening tactics.

Sofia Hallstrom, Harry Gasson, Nabeel Hussain and Frances Wise all played well to score 3 points, and we look forward to them contributing in future Berkshire matches. Adam Pearson, Daniel Esteve and Isaac Herring finished on 4 points, well done to all of them for making the Berkshire team. Daniel Esteve was excellent at recording his moves in the early rounds, despite being worried it would make him lose on time. He never did lose on time, and this slow thoughtful play helped him achieve this high score.

Our top three players were all outstanding, Ryan Chen played with a broken arm in plaster and showed great tenacity to draw against Edmond Lote from a very difficult position. Both Ryan and Edmond scored 4½ points with Edmond coming second on accumulative scores. Roy Yinian Zhang scored an impressive 6 out of 6 to claim first place. Roy had a very tough match with Edmond, with both sides attacking their opponents king with chances for both sides to make forcing moves leading to winning combinations. In the end Roy's consistent ability to concentrate throughout the match and calculate accurately lead him to victory. Well done Roy - board one for Berkshire !

My thanks to all who took part and those who helped organise the event. It was a great competition.

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