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Berkshire Junior Chess

Player info - Sahasra Vatsavayi
School:not known
Age:11 (as of 31-Aug-2019)
Grade(s):414 (Berkshire Junior grade)   (see more about grading)
2018-19: 3 tournaments
Berks grade: start: 335, end: 414, max: 414

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Ainsworth, Nicholas1-0-0Mar-19WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Anwar, Qasim0-0-1Mar-19LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Balaji, Akshay0-0-1Mar-19LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Chilukuri, Sai Srithan1-0-0Mar-19WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Conlon, Alexander0-0-1Nov-18LossSAE - Radstock (Minor Section)
Cory, Henry1-0-0Nov-18WinSAE - Radstock (Minor Section)
Gandluri, Abhiram1-0-0Mar-19WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Hill, Jamin1-0-0Dec-18WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Ibrahimli, Ilham1-0-0Nov-18WinSAE - Radstock (Minor Section)
Jadav, Jiya0-0-1Dec-18LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Karem, Laasya1-0-0Dec-18WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Midya, Shreyas1-0-0Dec-18WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Mokashi, Mayank1-0-0Mar-19WinRadstock UKCC Tournament
Omer, Mohammed Ashaaz1-0-0Nov-18WinSAE - Radstock (Minor Section)
Peddle, Samuel1-0-0Dec-18WinRadstock Xmas Tournament
Perera, Kenodh0-0-1Dec-18LossRadstock Xmas Tournament
Press, Daniel0-0-1Mar-19LossRadstock UKCC Tournament
Wilson, Joshua0-0-1Nov-18LossSAE - Radstock (Minor Section)

Totals: 11 wins, 0 draws, 7 losses