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Match Detail
Results - Ridgeway School Tournament
Date, Location:Mon, 04-Jul-2005, Ridgeway School
Further info:7 rounds, 38 entrants, ages as of: 31-Aug-2004
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Final Standings
1st Aaron George 49 10 Ridgeway 7
2nd= Jack Hill 43 9 Ridgeway
Edmond Lote 7 Ridgeway
4th= Fenton Varady 9 Ridgeway 5
Scott Anderson 7 8 Ridgeway 5
Nicholas Gray 9 Ridgeway 5
7th= Alper Bakici 17 8 Ridgeway
Jack Luttrell 23 9 Ridgeway
Jonathan Matthews 6 Ridgeway
Alex Matthews 9 Ridgeway
11th= William Bates 7 Ridgeway 4
Guy Blofeld 9 Ridgeway 4
Matthew Price 7 Ridgeway 4
Eiji Uonaga 9 Ridgeway 4
Stuart James 8 Ridgeway 4
Alex Hirst 7 Ridgeway 4
17th= Frazer Varady 7 Ridgeway
Lewis Kiddell 9 Ridgeway
Kazuki Yokota 8 Ridgeway
Connor Garnett-Comerford 7 Ridgeway
21st= Xabier Leadbetter 6 Ridgeway 3
Pranav Vangala 9 Ridgeway 3
Connor Stevens 7 Ridgeway 3
Pranav Pillai 9 Ridgeway 3
Barney Pope 9 Ridgeway 3
Hamid Malik 7 Ridgeway 3
Lewis Thomas 6 Ridgeway 3
Monty Ozanne 7 Ridgeway 3
Alex Smith 7 Ridgeway 3
Kane Luttrell 7 Ridgeway 3
31st= Mohammed Najeeb 8 Ridgeway
Charlie Pullan 7 Ridgeway
33rd= Oliver Murphy 7 Ridgeway 2
Angus Hickey 9 Ridgeway 2
Antonio Tedeschi 9 Ridgeway 2
36th Tom Keller 7 Ridgeway
37th Marley Neville-Lister 6 Ridgeway 1
38th Rhys Brooker 7 Ridgeway ½

(see below for information on how to use this table)
1Aaron George b9+ w5+ b12+ w4+ b3+ w2+ b7+ 74.9
2Jack Hill b28+ w6+ b17+ w15+ b8+ b1- w3= 4.6
3Edmond Lote w30+ w20+ b13+ b11+ w1- b4+ b2= 4.6
4Fenton Varady b32+ w14+ b8+ b1- w11+ w3- b9+ 54.6
5Scott Anderson w38+ b1- w19+ w21+ b7= w9= w18+ 53.8
6Nicholas Gray w33+ b2- w28+ b14= b17= w12+ w11+ 53.7
7Alper Bakici w24+ b19+ w11- b12+ w5= b18+ w1- 4.3
8Jack Luttrell w25+ b18+ w4- b16+ w2- b10= w19+ 4.1
9Jonathan Matthews w1- b25+ w10+ b13+ w22+ b5= w4- 4.5
10Alex Matthews b26+ w12- b9- b29+ w13+ w8= b17+ 3.8
11William Bates b27+ w16+ b7+ w3- b4- w21+ b6- 44.3
12Guy Blofeld w37+ b10+ w1- w7- b15+ b6- w24+ 44.1
13Matthew Price b31+ w15+ w3- w9- b10- b26+ w25+ 43.9
14Eiji Uonaga w23+ b4- w29+ w6= b18- b25= w21+ 43.6
15Stuart James w35+ b13- w26+ b2- w12- b33+ b23+ 43.4
16Alex Hirst w34+ b11- w31+ w8- b19- b30+ w27+ 43.2
17Frazer Varady w18= b22+ w2- b24+ w6= b19= w10- 4.0
18Lewis Kiddell b17= w8- b34+ b23+ w14+ w7- b5- 3.8
19Kazuki Yokota w29+ w7- b5- b28+ w16+ w17= b8- 3.9
20Connor Garnett-Comerford w36+ b3- w22- b25- w34+ b28= w31+ 2.9
21Xabier Leadbetter w22= b30+ w23= b5- w26+ b11- b14- 33.6
22Pranav Vangala b21= w17- b20+ w32+ b9- w27- b28= 33.3
23Connor Stevens b14- w27+ b21= w18- b32+ b24= w15- 33.3
24Pranav Pillai b7- w36+ b32= w17- b31+ w23= b12- 33.1
25Barney Pope b8- w9- b36+ w20+ b27= w14= b13- 33.6
26Hamid Malik w10- b37+ b15- w30+ b21- w13- w35+ 33.1
27Lewis Thomas w11- b23- w33+ b31= w25= b22+ b16- 33.1
28Monty Ozanne w2- b38+ b6- w19- b37+ w20= w22= 33.1
29Alex Smith b19- w34+ b14- w10- b30- w37+ b33+ 32.9
30Kane Luttrell b3- w21- w35+ b26- w29+ w16- b34+ 33.2
31Mohammed Najeeb w13- b33+ b16- w27= w24- b32+ b20- 3.1
32Charlie Pullan w4- b35+ w24= b22- w23- w31- b38+ 2.7
33Oliver Murphy b6- w31- b27- w35+ b36+ w15- w29- 23.0
34Angus Hickey b16- b29- w18- w37+ b20- b38+ w30- 22.6
35Antonio Tedeschi b15- w32- b30- b33- w38+ w36+ b26- 22.4
36Tom Keller b20- b24- w25- b38+ w33- b35- w37= 2.1
37Marley Neville-Lister b12- w26- w38= b34- w28- b29- b36= 12.4
38Rhys Brooker b5- w28- b37= w36- b35- w34- w32- ½2.4

  1. The Num column is the position of the player in the final standings list above.
  2. Each entry in the detail part of the table represents a match from the event.
  3. An entry consists of:
    • the colour used by the player as shown on the left of the row (w=white, b=black, in case you hadn't guessed)
    • the tournament number of the opponent (to find who the opponent actually was, look them up via the player num to name list given by the first two columns)
    • the result of the match (+: win, =: draw, -: loss).
  4. If you hover your cursor over a match result, an information box will pop up giving details of the match.
  5. AOS is average opponent score.