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Complete 2002/3 Season News

23 - 25 August
The final phase of the UK Chess Challenge, the TeraFinal, took place in Sheffield on the weekend of 23/24 August. The tournament format was 6 rounds with 3 points for a win, and only 1 for a draw. Two Berkshire Juniors qualified for the Challenger's sections. Andrew Winchcombe finished 15th= with 11 points (on a 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 6 round system) in Section A, while Thomas McFaul scored 7 points to come 34th= in Section B.

The Berks and Bucks Congress also took place over the Bank Holiday weekend (including Monday) and several Berkshire Juniors took part. Liam Varnam placed 11th= in the Challenger's section with 2½ from 6 rounds; In the Reserves 'C' section, Stephen Cairns finished 5th, scoring 3½, while Joshua Ye scored 1½ for 14th position.

20 July - 2 August
Berkshire junior players have gained some excellent results at the British Championships in Edinburgh. George Tunstall and Patrick Butler both finished 3rd= in the Under 9 section with 5 / 7 in the Under 9 section. Since the top 2 places were shared by boys from India, Patrick and George thus shared the title of 'English Boys Under 9 Champion'! (with 4 others). Andrew Winchcombe also continues to enjoy success at the top level, coming 9th= on 4½ / 7 in the Under 11 Championship. All three have been asked to join the Under 12 England training session in January, 2004.

Finally, Ben Purton finished 16th= (in a top class field of 92) with 6½ / 11 in the Major Open.

Further up-to-date details, including crosstabs and all other competitions here. Berkshire players results here.

9 - 17 July
Ben Purton reports:
Well done to all who played in the GigaFinal. A couple of players from the tournement I played in took a half point bye to play, such as Ezra Lutton who was ultimo for my age. I played in the Smith and Williamson U21 FIDE rated young masters, which is for all players under 2230 in England junior squad and between 16-21. I was the only Berkshire Player in the tournament, and the only undefeated. I was 3rd= overall with 7.5/11 with 4 wins and 7 draws.

My results of note were against U15 Ultimo Josiah Lutton, James Hanley and Tom Eckerleys-Waites (who scored 7.5/10 ,too). It was odd for me because I was in with my Slough team mates Charlie Linford, Ezra Lutton, Peter Roberson and Daniel Diamond. Ezra came first and Charlie second with 8.5 and 8 :-). I drew with all the top players and gained a Rating Performance of 2251 (200ish BCF) over 11 games. What was more impressive is the lack of sleep I had in which I gained this score. I must have slept about 25 hours over 7 days (under 5 a day). That, combined with a light beverage ;) made the tournament quite enjoyable.

I was disappointed to see NO Berkshire Juniors in the U16 (U140 BCF) section, and there was quite a number of Bucks and Hants and Sussex.

Ed's note: There is some further (limited) info on this event here (follow FIDE Rated link in menu).

12/13 July
The UK Chess Challenge reached the GigaFinal stage at the weekend and many Berkshire Juniors made the long trip to Keele University to compete against some (if not most) of the best junior players in the country.

On Saturday, most of the Berkshire crowd hung out together round the Gazebo that Kate Tunstall thoughtfully brought. The weather was gorgeous and the company fabulous. Everyone from Berkshire had a wonderful time, whatever they were doing.

The results on the whole were excellent, lots of 3s, 4s and 5s, which is quite an achievement at this level. Well done to everyone, but particular congratulations have to go to George Tunstall who scored a perfect 6 out of 6 to win the title of Under 9 Ultimo (and £100!). I think I'm correct in saying he is the first Berkshire player to do so. Mike Basman said that "Berkshire were proud of their Ultimo" when he announced George as the winner of his section. When George returned to the Gazebo after round 6, there was a huge cheer from all the Berkshire groupies as he announced he'd won his last game.

Also a special mention for Andrew Winchcombe who finished equal first in his Under 11 section with 5½, but lost out on the Ultimo title in the playoff. He takes home 50, but perhaps poor compensation for not getting to the TeraFinal. However, he has qualified for the Challenger's tournament that takes place alongside the TeraFinal. Thomas McFaul has also qualified for the Challenger's tournament.

All Berkshire players results can be seen here, and all the results can be found at the UK Chess Challenge website.

(Thanks to Keith Tunstall and Peter Davey for the results and report).

28 June
As part of the UK Chess Challenge, several Berkshire juniors who won Suprema or Supremo titles at the MegaFinal have been invited to play in a simultaneous exhibition match against David Howell and GM Sergei Karjakin. Jack Hill, George Tunstall and Susie Yates will be taking part, along with 37 others from around the country.

22 June
The inaugural Michele Alfred Memorial Tournament at Wellington College, near Crowthorne, was a great success. Star attraction GM Luke MacShane was kept busy signing autographs for many awestruck youngsters, in between winning all his games in the open section.

The under 14 and under 10 sections attracted a quality field with many excellent young players from outside Berkshire. But gone are the days when Berkshire juniors would be over-awed by such competition. The under 10 section was won by our own George Tunstall with 8 points out of 9, from Oxfordshire's top under 10 player, Andrew Willis, just half a point behind. Ben Vandersluis finished 4th= with 6/9.

In the under 14 section, Philip Makepeace ran out the winner with 8/9, but Berkshire players Yasmin Ball (4th, 6/9) and Andrew Winchcombe (5th=, 5½/9) ensured some home presence near the top of the final standings.

14 June
Just south of Berkshire, the Basingstoke Junior Championship has always been popular with Berkshire players, and this year there was success for George Tunstall, winner of under 9 section, with 6/6 and Patrick Butler who finished 2nd= in the under 14 section on 4/6. (sorry - no detailed results on the web that I can find)

4 June
Caversham beat Ridgeway B in the Primary School League 'B' playoff final by 4-1. They join Ridgeway A (this years' 'A' league champions), St Nicholas and Streatley in next year's 'A' league which is a daunting/challenging prospect.

17 May (late news) - Andrew Winchcombe has won the Under 11 section of the Sussex Deutsch Limited Grand Prix, after finishing 5th= in the final round at Downs. For good measure Patrick Butler finished 7th in the tournament. See Sussex Junior Chess News for info on the Sussex Grand Prix series, and Downs tournament details.

1 June
Andrew Winchcombe scored 1½ from 2 rounds playing for SW England against Wales. The English team won overall by 15-9. See British Junior Chess News (follow Results link) for details.

24 May
Ben Purton writes: The NCL has got to be one my favourite events. I play for Slough 2 in division 3 and this weekend we where faced on the last day with the unthinkable - relegation. Liam Varnam and James Foster, both loyal Berkshire players, came up for this weekend. All credit to Liam who came up at the very last minute. We needed to get a result against a Bristol side, which were very strong at the top but lacked strong young talent at the bottom.

James Foster (2075) took board 1 for Slough in a tactical decision. He was playing J. Rudd (2171) who scored 9/11 on board 1 this season and has to be said was on great form. James gave it all but sadly lost, but he did take one for the team , which was good.

I found this game special because James, Liam, and I played together again which was cool. Liam was next to me; he had a 176BCF with black and scored a good draw, playing his usual T Petrosian style (sit back and wait for him to make the attack).

My game however was quite stupid. I had it fixed in my mind that only a win will do started sacking pawns for no real postional advantage. However, after my stupid start I started to slowly claw my way back until my opponent (Easton, 2129) decided to play a rather dubious move and I sacked the exchange for classy win ;).

Karla Houska won by default, making half the team Berkshire Juniors (Foster is a bit of a Berkshire Junior old horse). So I'd say Slough 2 where really saved largly due to Berkshire Junior influence!

Scores for Weekend:

James Foster - 0.5/3: Board numbers 5, 3 and 1
Liam Varnam - 0.5/1: Board number 4
Ben Purton - 1.5/2: Board number 1 and 3

17 May
The traditional end-of-season lightning tournament proved popular once again, with several of the Berkshire big boys putting in an appearance (and my, aren't they big - do you have to be over 6 ft to play chess these days?). They also snaffled the top 4 positions, with Ben Purton successfully defending the title he also won last year (and the year before that). The under 9 prize was shared between George Tunstall (he won it last year too, if memory serves) and Adrian Archer-Lock.

10 May
A somewhat disappointing day for the Berkshire Under 11 team at the EPSCA finals in Wroughton, just outside Swindon. After their excellent second place in the Zonal, points proved elusive at the final. As at the Zonal tournament, the final round score of 10 was our best on the day. In the end, Berkshire scored 24 points in total, for 12th place out of 18 teams. Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed themselves on the day, and were simply pleased and proud to have played in the national finals.

In their final games for the Berkshire under 11s, Xiang Yu Hu and Thomas McFaulwon all three of their matches, and James Francis was unbeaten on 2½. Richard Smith, Ben Davey and Owan Haugheyeach scored 2 out of 3.

3 May
The UK Chess Challenge MegaFinal for Berkshire (plus a few from South Oxfordshire) took place at Presentation College with many children taking part in their first tournament outside their own school.

Results available by section: Under 18, Under 11, Under 10, Under 9, Under 8, and Under 7.

14-15 April
The Maidenhead Junior Congress was a great success again, with many Berkshire players taking part and posting good results, especially in the Under 9 and Under 11 sections. George Tunstall won the under 9 section, winning all 11 rounds. He beat second placed Angus Plumby (from Bath) in round 4, but had to keep winning as Angus also continued to win all his other games. Other top-placed Berkshire players included Ben Vandersluis (3rd) and Daniel Pledger (5th). The future looks bright for Berkshire Junior Chess : )

The Under 11 section was won by Peter Williams, from Alton, aged only 6! I think we might hear his name a few more times in years to come. Second and third places went to Berkshire players Andrew Winchcombe and Patrick Butler. Andrew was the only player to beat Peter, but slipped up in the last two rounds, losing in round 8, and drawing with fellow Berkshire player Richard Smith (7th=) in the final round.

Results available by section: Under 18, Under 13, Under 11, and Under 9.

12 April
In the last match of the season for the under 14 team, a trip to Oxford, and an improvement on last year's 23-1 drubbing, but still a loss by 16½ - 7½. James Francis won both his games, with top board Max Kibbleunbeaten with 1½. See the full results with a final match report from retiring team manager Richard Rimmer. Many thanks for your efforts this year.

Ed's note: for the first and only time this season, another web site has got a match result out quicker : ( - I shall redouble my efforts. If we can't always win, at least we can be the first to tell the world.

5 April
Berkshire's under 9 team more than justify their belated inclusion in the EPSCA finals by coming 7th on 22 points, just 2 points behind the 3rd place team, and ahead of both Oxfordshire and Devon who had qualified ahead of us at the Zonal last month. Another good team performance with 5 players unbeaten: Daniel Pledger and Adrian Archer-Lockscored perfect 3's; and George Tunstall, Patrick Butler and Ben Vandersluis all scored 2½.

The last Saturday tournament of the year at Whiteknights School was won by, wait for it, James Francis! It's been an excellent year for James with 6 outright wins and 2 equal firsts. There was an excellent turnout (37) with many new players, who will hopefully retain their enthusiasm until next season (only 5 months away).

Late news: The Saturday afternoon tournament at College Town Junior School (8 March) resulted in a draw for first place between Thomas McFaul (his fourth first place of the year) and Edmund Palka, both on 5½ / 6.

Late news 2: Full cross-table of Wilts and West of England Junior Championships U10 section (featuring George Tunstall (1st) and James Francis (4th=)) now available.

22-23 March
The Under 18 team struggled somewhat in their match against Hampshire. Although the final score was a respectable 10½ - 5½ to Hampshire, Berkshire scored only 1½ points over the board - a win by Edmund Palka and a draw on his debut for George Tunstall. The other 4 points came from defaults.

On Sunday, a number of Berkshire players took part in the Henley Youth Festival chess tournament. There were three sections won by James Paul, Luke Jenkins and Toby Steindler.

15 March
On a splendid sunny day at the Vyne School in Basingstoke, the EPSCA Under 11 South West Zone Qualifier was as close a contest as the previous week's Under 9 contest in Tiverton. After two rounds Berkshire were lying fourth, in the final qualifying position but with everything to play for. Maybe it was the fact that our players had only a short journey to the venue, but they were clearly still well-focused on playing chess late in the afternoon. A superb final round score of 15 saw Berkshire overtake both Hampshire and Buckinghamshire to nab second place, with Somerset taking first place.

In a real team result, points were scored across all board ranges, but our strength in depth was demonstrated by coming first equal in the reserves match. Every single player scored at least one point, on either the match boards or in the reserve match. There were 5 players who scored a perfect 3 out of 3: James Francis, David Andrews, Ben Vandersluis, Nathan Elliott, and Owan Haughey; Xiang Yu Hu and Ben Davey were both unbeaten on 2½.

8 March
Berkshire finish 4th by only ½ point in a nail-bitingly close result (only 2 points separated the top 4 teams) at the EPSCA Under 9 South West Zone Qualifier in Tiverton. Points were gained throughout the team, with Ozan Vardal (3 points), Zach Salvini (3), George Tunstall (2½) and Ben Vandersluis (2) all unbeaten. The results page includes a full report from Team manager Keith Tunstall.

The schadenfreude engendered by Hampshire coming last was scant consolation, but I thought I'd mention it anyway : )

Update: the EPSCA organisers have had a change of heart and decided that 4 teams will now qualify from the South West, meaning that Berkshire go through to the finals for the third year in succession.

The Saturday afternoon tournament at College Town Junior School resulted in a draw for first place between Thomas McFaul and Edmund Palka, both on 5½ / 6.

1 March
This weekend, an excellent turnout for the Sonning Common Saturday afternoon event, but possibly because it was also a UK Chess Challenge qualifying tournament. The overall winner was Patrick Butler with 20 points (3 points for win; 2 for a draw; 1 for a loss; 7 rounds played). This is just the one point short of winning the jackspot prize (whatever that is). See the full results page for all the age group qualifiers.

Roving reporter Keith Tunstall reports:
In a record entry to the Wilts & West of England Junior Tournament, two intrepid Berkshire players travelled to Swindon. James Francis (U/10) and George Tunstall (entered at U/9 and moved by the controllers to the U/10 section) ended up playing as early as round four as they were the only two players on top marks.

James triumphed once again to take the overall lead but in a cruel twist George ended up the outright winner of the U/10 section on 6/7. James was just one point behind and deservedly received the controller's prize for "being the early leader and the only person to have beaten the eventual winner".

Well done to both of them for holding up Berkshire's honour.

Full cross-table now available.
22 February
A disappointing turnout (12) at the Ridgeway School SAE resulted in a third win this year for Thomas McFaul with 5 / 6.

Lots of players available this time for the Under 14 match at Presentation College against Buckinghamshire (I like to think this was partly due to the appeal for more volunteers on this site). However, the team lost 7½-16½, with only James Francis winning both his games.

At the Eastbourne Junior Open, Andrew Winchcombe returned to form with a fine win in the Under 11 Major section. See the Sussex website for further details.

15 February
In the third largest turn out this year and at Nine Mile Ride's inaugural Saturday Afternoon Event, James Francis once again triumphed. James brushed everyone aside with a perfect six out of six to take his fifth trophy this season. An extra trophy cabinet will need to be ordered soon...
(Thanks to Keith Tunstall for the report)

Also on Saturday, the Berkshire Under 18 team took on Buckhinghamshire Juniors at Piggot School. Giving away 4 defaults before the first pawn was even pushed, and with points proving elusive from the games that were played, Berkshire slumped to a 3-13 defeat.

8-9 February
A very busy weekend started with a Maidenhead Junior Club tournament won by David Corcoran. This was also a qualifying tournament for the UK Chess Challenge, so see the results for all the other age group qualifiers.

Next up, a Saturday Afternoon Event at Crosfields School. Another play-off for first place, with Michael Smith winning out over local boy David Andrews after they had drawn their fourth round game.

Meanwhile, across town at Presentation College the Under 14 team were playing a friendly match against Oxfordshire (results page includes a full report from team manager Richard Rimmer), which is always a tough match. Berkshire performed well with much of the team aged under 11, but in the end lost 8-16.

Sunday saw a big, four team, 20 board, jamboree event against Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. The result could hardly have been closer - Berkshire's scores were 10½-9½, 10½-9½, and 9-11 with players scoring points across almost all boards. George Tunstall, Nathan Elliott, and Michael Smithwere unbeaten, each scoring 2½. (Michael thus finished the weekend without losing a game, he wanted me to point out).

Not to be left out, the Under 18s were competing in the SCCU jamboree at St. Paul's School in London. Essex were the winners with 17 points, ½ point ahead of Richmond. Berkshire were up against higher graded opposition on almost all boards, and finished with only 4½, but Stuart Russant managed to win both his games (the results list shows his grade as 43 - shurely shome mishtake?).

1-2 February - 7th South of England Championships
A number of Berkshire Juniors entered this event:
Under 9:George Tunstall5.0 (2nd place!)
Ben Vandersluis3.5
Duncan Palka3.0
Daniel Pledger3.0
Under 11:
Patrick Butler3.0
Andrew Winchcombe1.5
Under 11:
James Vandersluis2.5
Under 13:Edmund Palka2.0
(Thanks to Keith Tunstall for sifting the results data for me, and to Mark Vandersluis for further information). Note: The linked page doesn't give positions.

1 February - Streatley Primary School
A fourth win this season for James Francis. He finished the main tournament equal first with Henry Kibble on 5 / 6, but won the blitz play-off to take home another trophy.

25 January - St. Michael's, Sandhurst
An excellent turnout (43 players in total), and another win for James Francis(his third this year I believe) with a perfect 6 / 6. Local boy Matthew Martin(another new name) placed second with 5 points, and Rachel Daveywon the Under 8 section with 5½ from 6. 15 players entered the Under 8 section, which must be good news for the future!

18 January - Under 14 Friendly v. Wilts
After struggling to raise a full team (Berks were still one player short on the day), the Berkshire team lost to Wiltshire by the narrowest of margins (12½ - 11½). Team manager, Richard Rimmer, is keen to increase the number of players available for the Under 14 team.

18 January - St. Nicholas Primary, Hurst
Berkshire's latest junior chess sensation, Thomas McFaul, keeps to his New Year's resolution to win all his matches and scores another perfect 6 out of 6 to win again! An Under 8 section was also run, with Helen Couper the winner on 5 / 6.

18 January - Maidenhead Junior Club Tournament
The first Maidenhead Club tournament of the year saw several new players take part including joint winners Karl Maw and Alex Perevedentsev, both on 3½ out of 4.

12 January - Under 9 Team Event
The under 9 team continue their good form finishing a close second to Buckinghamshire and well ahead of Sussex and Hampshire. Not so many years ago, a Berkshire under 9 team lost 12-0 to Hampshire, but in this event our friends to the south were roundly trounced 9½-2½ (no giggling at the back there).

Also, at the 45th Richmond Rapidplay Tournament, Berkshire Junior Andrew Winchcombeplaced 2nd= in the Under 80 grade "Minor" section. Full results published here. Your eagle-eyed webmaster couldn't help but noticing Under 11 team manager Neil Winchcombe in the same results list at 8th=, only one point behind his son.

11 January - Sunningdale School
With only time for four rounds, and little more than a handful of entrants (12), there was a three-way tie for first place between Anton Demenok, James Francis, and Aditya Khilnani, all on three points.

4 January - Dolphin School, Hurst
A new year, a new competitor, and a new winner. Thomas McFaul, playing in his first SAE (we believe) scores a perfect 6 out of 6 to win from a tough field of 16. With no entrants from Dolphin School itself (a first?), a special mention should go to St Nicholas who provided half the entrants, including youngsters Max, Toby and Max (who all scored at least a point).

Meanwhile, at the prestigious Hastings Junior Open, Andrew Winchcombecame 2nd in the U11 Major section. To quote from the Sussex website: "In a very strong major section, Christopher Linnett won with 5 points, although he can count himself very fortunate to beat 2nd placed Andrew Winchcombe on time when he was a Queen down". Andrew is also at present placed first in the U11 Sussex Grand Prix.

21 December - Maidenhead Junior Club Tournament
A Merry Christmas for Thomas Leverington and Edmund Palka who shared first place at December's Maidenhead Junior Club tournament, both with 4 / 5. If there were a prize for best family, then the Palkas would run away with it, as Edmund's brothers Owen and Duncan finished 3rd and 4th=.

21 December - Berks Juniors v. Bucks Adults
The best result of the season so far for the Berkshire Under 18s as they draw with Bucks adults.

14 December - Gorse Ride School, Finchampstead
A quieter weekend for junior chess, but there's still a Saturday afternoon event for those who have finished their shopping. Susie Yates had come second at the recent Winchcombe Junior SAE, but following a recurring pattern this year, this time came out on top with 6 / 7.

7 December
Another busy Saturday for Berkshire junior chess players. The under 18 team lost their match against Buckinghamshire by 10½ to 5½, which makes a change (and an improvement!) from 4 - 12 in their last three matches. The under 9 team were more successful in their Friendly match against Wiltshire winning by to 36½ to 8½.

A very strong field at the Saturday afternoon event at Presentation College resulted in a tie for first place. Carl da Silva won the playoff blitz game against James Francis. James had actually beaten Carl in the final round to leave them both on 5/6, and set up the exciting finish.

30 November - Under 11 England Trial Qualifier - British Rapidplay Championships
Patrick Butler (8) and Andrew Winchcombe (10) travelled to Bradford for this event. In an extremely tough field of 74 entrants, Patrick achieved 3½ out of 6 and Andrew scored 4½ out of 6 and secured himself a place at the England Under 11 Trials in April.

30 November - Winchcombe Junior School, Newbury
Fortunately, some entries on the day (seven ;-) took the numbers up to ten. Six rounds and a couple of teaching sessions later and George Tunstall won his first Saturday Afternoon Event with an unblemished record.

23/24 November
In a busy chess weekend, the Under 9 team took on Oxfordshire in the pleasant surroundings of Magdalen College School in Oxford. Last year the Under 9s were trounced 36-12, but went on to come 6th at the national finals (only 2 points behind Oxon). This year the result against Oxfordshire saw an early season improvement, but still a loss, by 20½ to 14½.

In the afternoon, the Under 14 team were in action against Buckinghamshire. A poor performance in the second round with the black pieces was largely to blame for a score of 18-6 in Bucks. favour.

At the same time, James Silvester and Matthew Caudle shared first place in the Saturday afternoon tournament at St.Mary's, Mortimer.

Finally, Sunday saw 31 players contest the Under 11 trial at Ridgeway School. Scheduled for 6 rounds (at 30 minutes per player) with a finish at around 5:30, some generally rapid play resulted in 7 rounds being completed by 4:30. Last year's winner, George Tunstall, couldn't quite manage the double, and came second to Andrew Winchcombe who finished unbeaten on 6½ out of 7.

17 November - Berkshire Junior Congress
Full results for all sections now available.

16 November - Upton House School, Windsor
Another excellent turnout (34 players in total) despite the Junior Congress the following day. Another perfect result for the winner, this time Andrew Goodman of Bishopsgate, Englefield Greeen. With so many players a second section was created, Patience Ellis (age 8, of Upton House School) winning with 4 points. Thanks to Liam Varnam, Richard Hogg and Joshua Pitts for assisting at this event.

9 November - Caversham Primary School
After coming second at the Reading School tournament, David Corcoran travels North of the river and scores a perfect 5 out of 5 to win. There were no less than 5 players sharing second place on 4 points. The cakes were great too! (cooked in your webmeister's very own kitchen).

9 November - Maidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Ozan Vardal wins with 4 out of 4. Entrants include a player who came all the way from Liverpool!

2 November - Berks Juniors v. Oxon Adults
Berkshire Juniors make a strong Oxfordshire Adults team work hard, but in the end lose 12-4 (for the third time in a row).

2 November - Under 11 Friendly v. Wilts
On a miserably wet afternoon, the Berkshire Under 11 team gained an excellent 28-8 win over Wiltshire. Despite missing several probable first choice players (see below), Berkshire's strength in depth (yes, you read that correctly) meant good scores from all team members, resulting in the wide margin of victory.

2-3 November - English Under 11 Closed Championship
Berkshire Junior Andrew Winchcombe (10) is invited to compete in the England Under 11 Closed Championship. In a tough field, he scores a very creditable 2 out of 5. Meanwhile, Patrick Butler (8) braved the lion's den and came third in the under 10 section at the Richmond Junior Congress.

26 October - Under 14 Friendly v. Sussex
The Berkshire Under 14 team draw their chess match with Sussex, but the result of the footie match remains a mystery.

20 October - Under 9 Trial
The top 2 boards from last year's under 9 team reverse their board order in this year's trial. George Tunstall placed first scoring 6 out of 6, with Patrick Butler and David Andrews sharing second place. Will this year's team be able to repeat the success of last year?

19 October - Berks Juniors v. Hants
On a busy day for Berkshire Junior chess, the Under 18 team lose by 12-4 again, this time to Hampshire Juniors.

19 October - Reading School
After winning the Maidenhead Junior Club September tournament with 5 out of 5, Xiang Yu Hu of St.Joseph's School, Bracknell wins all 5 games again to take top spot in the Saturday Afternoon event at Reading School.

19 October - Maidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Dhawal Chelani of All Saints, Maidenhead, wins the second Maidenhead tournament of the year with 4 1/2 points from 5 rounds.

12 October - Downs School, Compton
A case of "practice makes perfect". After placing second the previous week, James Francis goes one better to win the second Saturday event of the year with a perfect 5 out of 5. That's two wins out of two for St. Nicholas Primary, Hurst.

5 October - Maiden Erlegh
The first Saturday afternoon event of the season saw an excellent turnout with 51 entrants, and a first win for Louis Tapsall, scoring 5 1/2 from 6 rounds. The 'professional draw' offer on the top board in the final round would have guaranteed Louis at least second place and handed overall victory to Richard Smith. In the end, the game was played out: game and overall top position to Louis.

28 September - Maidenhead Junior Club Tournament
Xiang Yu Hu wins the first Maidenhead tournament of the year with a perfect 5 out of 5.

21 September - Berks Juniors v. Berks Adults
Berks Adults score a resounding 12-4 win over Berks Juniors.